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Meet the incredible instructors and motivators behind your new transformation.

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Jillian believes the world deserves us all at our best, and she’s a firm believer that Farrell's is the program that helps teach us all the things we feel are true about ourselves but just haven't discovered yet. It's a journey that's never really over, and she’s so grateful to be able to share it with others every single day!

Jillian Faber

Owner / Instructor



After hearing about the FXB program, I decided to try the 10-Week Challenge back in 2011. Within the first week, I was hooked -- I knew this was it! After several years of being a student and owner of an FXB franchise, I still find the classes challenging and the results tangible. Moreover, the camaraderie and support you find at FXB are unparalleled. I believe in this program and want to help others live healthier, active lives. It's not just a's a way of life!

Justin Gordon

Owner / Instructor



Kurtis Berg

Head Coach


Nicole Gordon



Kevin Malani




I started at FXB in the spring of 2014. I joined with a friend of mine after I got bored working out alone at one of those small box gyms, and I also wanted to get back into something like Taekwondo, which I did when I was younger. I'm REALLY happy here, because everyone here pushes each other and I've met lots of friends. It's a giant support and social group, which is really great.

Jim Fay

Instructor / Coach



Member then Coach then Instructor: Never in my life did I think I would be standing in front of a group, leading the challenge and going for it! I love helping others achieve their goals by being energetic, focused and a good role model. Form is very important to me, so I'll spend the time to emphasize proper technique to help you obtain results and prevent injuries. I want YOU to know what MUSCLE group YOU are strengthening. "Let's go!"

Kim Gulli



Accountability, accomplishing goals, and having fun make FXB a one-of-a-kind gym. When I think of FXB, I think of the show Cheers! You walk in and everyone knows your name and is excited to see you. I was excited to be trained to become an instructor three years ago and overcame the fear of talking on a microphone. I love to help, challenge, and motivate members. Don’t be afraid to try something new, band up hit, and kick the bag hard. You will be amazed at how much you can do and how strong you are!

Jen Martin



Not only are our members trimming down and toning up, but many of them report increased energy and focus allowing them to excel in all areas of life! Don’t take our word for it. Scroll below to see their results for yourself.

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